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As of March 1, 2019... We are hiring male senior counselors, a photographer/videographer and have some availability for Junior Counselors.

Working at Camp St. Charles is challenging and rewarding work. Staff members form lifelong friendships and incredible memories. All of us work together to create a safe and nurturing environment for the campers whom we serve.


All counselors and junior counselors must commit to living and working on site for the summer season. Our staff is generally a mix of international and local staff members. We have had counselors from many countries over the years. Often we have staff from France, England, Australia, and more! International staff members must apply through a J-1 visa sponsoring agency, such as CCUSA.


To begin the application process, review the information sheet for the desired position. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications are accepted from fall until all positions are filled. Early applications are encouraged!


In order to begin the application process, review the information for the position that you are seeking. Incomplete staff applications will not be considered. Please follow the instructions on the staff reference form. References should be mailed directly to camp by the person completing the reference form. Applicants are encouraged to provide an addressed and stampled envelope when requesting references. Each year, I receive references for applications who have not yet completed a staff application form or references that have been submitted by fax or email.

Due the high volume of documents coming to the office, it is very helpful when applicants mail their application, questionnaire, and signed policies in one mailing and then have 3 references mailed directly to camp. If you are unsure about the process, reread the information sheet regarding the position that you are seeking at camp.

Contact Laura Hall for details director@campstcharles.org or 301-934-8799


Counselor Application Information

We have hired our adult female counselors for the summer, still seeking more adult male counselors as of 2/20/19.

2019 Junior Counselor Application Information

A junior counselor interview day will be held in February at Camp St. Charles. JC applicants are encouraged to submit all application requirements prior to January 1st in order to be considered for an interview opportunity on the first interview date.  Application received after February 1st will be considered if open positions remain available.  As of Feb 20, we are still hiring for junior counselors for 2019. We also junior counselor volunteers who will serve for a portion of the summer. The application process is the same for paid junior counselors and volunteers.


Kitchen Staff Application Information


International Staff Application Information


CSC Staff Packing List revised 2016


Staff Application


Staff Reference Form


Staff Questions


If a camp position is offered, successful applicants will receive an invitation to complete onboarding paperwork, including background checks, health forms, etc online.  All employment offers are conditional, based on successful and timely completion of all required paperwork and background screenings.




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